VCF Grant Claim up to 70%

Your Association can apply for VCF grant (up to 70%) on accounting software and hardware:

We would like to propose that your company use Sage 50 accounting system for the following benefits:

saves time and costs in updating transactions, generates documents, including invoicesreceipts, purchase orderspayment vouchers and cheques directly from the accounting system and timely financial information for your Management.

Your Association’s staff can enter key transactions directly into Sage 50 system (instead of xls file), thereby save time and costs in entering transactions twice.  We can review and finalise your Association’s accounts every quarterly or monthly, depending on your Management’s needs.  Our indicative fee quote to review and finalise Sage 50 accounts after some data entry by your staff, is $400 per day, depending on a number of transactions we have to update into the system.  Our role is mainly to enter all other transactions not yet entered by your staff.  Our NSA client has also received a grant to pay our accounting fee.

Several NSAs are using Sage 50 accounting software to maintain their accounts.
We can arrange a free demo of the proposed Sage 50 software for your Management’s consideration.