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With S B Tan Audit PAC, we can meet your accounting needs. Our team of qualified and experienced accountants is happy to serve you.

Business Accounting

S B Tan has been providing accounting & GST services to companies in services and trading on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Our accountants are familiar with the requirements for corporate tax returns as set by local tax authorities (IRAS).

About us

S B Tan has more than 10 years of auditing, commercial accounting & tax experience – mainly 6 years in Ernst & Young (managerial position) and KPMG, 3 years in PSA (managerial position) and more than 10 years in her own practice as a public accountant.

Services we provide

From tax preparation to auditing services, S B Tan can cover your needs. We have had experience auditing various companies in services, trading, manufacturing, shipping and freight forwarding, MCSTs etc. 

What People Say

We have worked with S B Tan Audit PAC for the past few years and they have been
professional with their work. They were able to meet the deadline of the yearly audit and
organised in their queries.
The team at S B Tan Audit PAC has been helpful, knowledgeable and responsive.

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