Cleansis Pte. Ltd. now supports InvoiceNow!

What is InvoiceNow?

InvoiceNow is a nation-wide initiative to streamline the process of sending invoices. Through operating on the international PEPPOL network, businesses can now securely send e-invoices in a structured digital format that is compatible with various inventory and accounting systems. Convenient and efficient, this new standard of invoicing will improve payment collection and cashflow processes.

Xero – InvoiceNow-ready accounting software

Our accountants at S B Tan are familiar with and supports Xero, an online accounting software that is simple and powerful.

With InvoiceNow integrated into Xero, you’ll gain access to the following features:

  • Registration on internation PEPPOL network.
    • By registering, you make it easier for others to find your business on the  SG Peppol Directory by visiting this site
  • Ease of sending e-invoices.
    • E-invoices can be sent conveniently at the click of a button across different financing systems.
  • E-invoices that are received can be easily managed
    • Upon receiving e-invoices, Xero can manage e-invoices you have approved, allowing for seamless and automated transitions into the accounting software.
  • Contact cards for customers and suppliers
    • Contact cards can be created for frequent customers/suppliers that are linked over the PEPPOL network.

Setting up InvoiceNow

Click on Connect to Xero

Following which, you would be prompted to allow Xero access to connect to Invoici from Storecove. (A Xero subscription is required)

To send e-invoices, simple append ‘’ after the recipient’s unique PEPPOL-id under the ‘To:’ field.

If you’d like to know more about InvoiceNow, feel free to contact our accountants who would be happy to assist you.