Note: Prices as of Oct 2016 based on US$ rate of 1.40. They may change in subsequent months if there is major US$ rate change. Prices are before GST for sale in Singapore

Pro Accounting

S$390 (1 user)

Premium Accounting

S$590 (1 user)
S$1,150 (3 users)
S$1,690 (5 users)


S$4,050 (5 users)
S$7,490 (10 users)
S$9,250 (15 users)
S$10,990 (20 users)
S$12,350 (30 users)
S$13,690 (40 users)
Accounts Payable: Check Writing, Bill Payment, Purchases, Purchase Orders
Accounts Receivable: Quotes, Invoicing, Receive Payments, Sales Orders
Bank / Account Reconciliation
Cash Flow Management
Customizable Reports
System Check
Attach documents to transactions and records
Comparative Budget Spreadsheet Creator - track 4 years
Job Status Indicators
Conversion from QuickBooks®1
Email Alerts, Forms, Reports and Financial Statements2
Internal Accounting Review3
Inventory: Assemblies, Average/LIFO/FIFO Costing Methods, Back Orders
Password Security
Payroll Solutions4
Credit Card Payment Processing5
Advanced Budgeting  
Archive Company Data  
Audit Trail  
Change Order Processing  
Company Consolidation Wizard  
Customer Management Center  
Departmentalized Financial Statements  
Inventory & Services Management Center  
Job Costing - Phase and Cost Level  
Open Multiple Companies6  
Serialized Inventory  
Streamlined Service Billing  
View Transaction History  
Vendor Management Center  
Developed to handle large data requirements7    
Faster performance with SmartPosting technology8    
Interactive Job Reporting    
Job Navigation Center    
Job & Project Management. Center    
My Dashboard    
My Dashboard Modules    
Automation for Order Process Workflow    
Role-based security    
Support for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 named users9    
Includes industry solution functionality (Manufacturing, Construction and Distribution)